What’s better; UFO grow lights or the window sill?

Feb 11

What’s better; UFO grow lights or the window sill?

1Although it is possible to start seeds in a window, starting them with UFO grow lights will give them a much better chance of maturing. Grow lights are considerably more predictable than Mother Nature as grow lights can be turned on and off at will, not so with the sun. Grow lights are not expensive and they are well worth it if you’re planning on starting your own plants indoors from seed.

UFO grow lights are installed so that hang directly over the plant pot, when the pots are in the window to germinate, you have to remember to rotate them on a daily basis, not so when the light is perfectly positioned. When the pots are in the window, the plants will reach for the light and develop a tilt if they are not rotated regularly.

When you depend on the environment around the window you have no control over the light or the temperature, both of which are important if you are going to be successful. This is not the case when they are under a grow light which provides both light and heat. The heat can be infinitely adjusted by raising or lowering the lamp, in many cases a window sill is the coldest place in the house, especially in winter.

Many plants die before they get a chance to really start, the condition is called dampening-off. When the seedling has just begun to develop, perhaps it only has two tiny leaves, it will die, the reason is that the air around the seedling is static; it must circulate to avoid dampening-off. Many people assume incorrectly that cracking a window will move the air sufficiently but in many cases all this does is drop the temperature will stills kills the plant. This problem is easy to avoid when using UFO grow lights, all you have to do is set a small fan several feet away from your growing medium, you don’t want the air to be overly active, not even enough to move the leaves as they form.

Grow lights are readily available in garden stores and online. Some serious gardeners set up a corner in the basement and make this into their plant nursery while others will replace a normal overhead light bulb with a grow light and start their seeds on a table upstairs.

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How Does Your Garden Grow?

Jan 16

How Does Your Garden Grow?

1If we were to ask a modern day “Mary, Mary quite contrary”; she might well reply:- “with Apollo Led Grow Lights”. These days, you do not have to go out of doors to plant seeds and raise plants of virtually any type. You don’t even need soil!

Mary’s Indoor Garden

If, for example, the quite contrary Mary lived on the 12TH floor of an apartment block; but still longed for a garden; she might decide to grow her flowers indoors. Seeds are easy to buy and they can be planted in artificial soil grow bags; water can come straight from the faucet and she has enough space in her spare room. Her centralized air conditioning and heating system can be set at individual levels for each room and she decides she is ready to give it a go. The seeds germinate; the seedlings look a bit straggly but are growing – for a while – then they begin to look positively sickly; eventually they die before producing even a single flower

Then, She Saw The Light

What did she do wrong? She overlooked one important facet of plant growth – photosynthesis. This is the process where plants extract energy from the sun’s rays to fuel their growth. Her spare room only had one window and there was simply not enough light coming through to promote healthy plant growth.

She Needed Artificial Grow Lights

2A rainbow shows us that the sunlight is made up of a spectrum of different light rays with different frequencies and energy properties; only some of which are visible to the naked eye. . At night when we switch on our electric lights; all we need is to produce light to drive out the darkness and we are not too worried about any heat generated by the light bulb (even though that heat increases our electricity bill). Unfortunately, our “lamp” light is not quite right for a plant’s photosynthesis mechanism; additionally, most plants will hate the heat from the bulb.

For grow lights, you need light that is specially tuned to the plant’s requirements. The best light to promote plant growth is that provided by light emitting diodes (LED’s) and some of the best for this are the Apollo Led Grow Lights. Once Mary had installed Apollo Led Grow Lights, her garden really blossomed.

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Things to Look For When Choosing Your Grow Light

Dec 30

Things to Look For When Choosing Your Grow Light

When choosing your grow lights, you should make note about what to look for. Grow lights come in many shapes and forms, and choosing your light can be a challenging task. Once you know what to look for, you should have no problem choosing the perfect light for your growing needs. Bigger isn’t always better, and you can waste more energy by choosing a light that is not right for your particular requirements.


Amount of LED’s and Heat Production

If you choose LED plant grow lights as your grow lights of choice, you should look out for how many LED’s are present. If you have a small greenhouse with the plants spaced far apart, then you may not need an overbearing light with 1000 LED’s. A small grow light would suffice, as long as it has both red and blue lights to support plant growth. When choosing your grow lights, you should make sure that they do not have a high heat output. Many standard grow lights emit a lot of heat, and this can damage the plants. LED lights do not emit heat, and they are perfect for most types of growing conditions.


Ballasts and Wavelength

Some grow lights come with ballasts, which are additional circuitries. They are required in conventional grow lights, and the lights can be costly to run if they have ballasts incorporated into their designs. You should try and avoid these at all costs. Although they are efficient at encouraging plant growth, they are not very energy efficient. A grow light isn’t just a light. It produces wavelengths which help the plant to develop and grow under set conditions. Although the light may seem the same to the human eye, it is quite different. You should check to see what wavelength your light emits, to make sure that it is the right one for your plants. LED lights emit red and blue, which is great for both young and maturing plants. Choosing the wrong wavelength of light could stunt the growth of your plants, causing them to wither over time. The company that you purchase your lights from should be able to provide assistance in helping you to select the lights that are right for your needs.

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Why Apollo Lights are the Best Option for Greenhouses

Dec 20

Why Apollo Lights are the Best Option for Greenhouses

1Apollo LED lights are taking the gardening world by storm. They are becoming the number one choice for many gardeners, as they are a very affordable option for those who want the best for their plants. LED grow lights are beneficial in many ways to your plants. The following are the top reasons why you should purchase LED lights for all of your growing related needs.

  1. Blue Light. LED grow lights generally consist of a selection of red and blue lights. The blue light is specifically designed to emit rays that are beneficial to young plants. This spectrum gives plants everything that they needs to thrive, ensuring that they will be grown in the best lighting conditions possible.
  1. Red Light. LED grow lights also emit red lights as well as the blue. The red lights are designed for mature plants. It gives off a different ray of light to ensure that the maturing plant is receiving the right forms of light. Red and blue lights emit different forms of wavelengths, so by having both of the spectrums present in one product, you can be sure to meet every requirement that your plants will have.
  1. Shock Resistant. LED grow lights are shock resistant. When a standard bulb burns out, you may notice the electricity overload within the bulb. This can be seen as a burst of light before the bulb goes out. LED lights do not have this problem. When they burn out, they simply dim before extinguishing in a safe manor. The casing around the bulbs also means that they are resistant to water, so you can have sprinklers in your greenhouse without the worry of the water affecting your lights.


LED grow light products are easily fitted. You do not need to worry about excessive wiring or overhead reflectors. These grow lights do not require any form of reflectors to help bounce the light around the room. They are positioned in a way so that the plants receive most of the light, with little light being wasted. LED lights can last up to 7 years, so they are an extremely cost-effective choice for serious growers that want only the best when they are planting.

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First Completed Grow Weight Results

Feb 12

Here are the totals for the first cycle

LED Grow Light 200x3w
1 50.8 grams ( jackpot royale )
2 46.0 grams ( jackpot royale )
3 44.2 grams ( jedi kush )
4 41.4 grams ( jedi kush )

LED Grow Light Apollo 180x3w
1 49.3 grams ( jackpot royale )
2 46.1 grams ( jackpot royale )
3 42.7 grams ( jedi kush )
4 41.0 grams ( jackpot royale )
5 38.4 grams ( jedi kush )

LED Grow Light 200x3w
1 49.5 grams ( jackpot royale )
2 48.7 grams ( jackpot royale )
3 44.4 grams ( jackpot royale )
4 31.3 grams ( jedi kush )

LED Grow Light 200x3w
1 46.9 grams ( jedi kush )
2 43.9 grams ( jedi kush )
3 42.4 grams ( jackpot royale )
4 36.4 grams ( jackpot royale )

LED Grow Light Apollo 180x3w
1 56.8 grams ( jackpot royale )
2 47.5 grams ( jedi kush )
3 45.0 grams ( jedi kush )
4 41.1 grams ( jackpot royale )

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First Published Grow Part 4

Feb 12

Sexing The Plants

This part is easy but very important. There are many who grow only females or only known clones and while that makes growing super simple there are many reasons to grow regular seeds and simply cull the males. Having regular genetics versus feminized will allow the genetics itself to be better suited to making seeds for yourself later on down the road.

I hope that everyone who gets into growing medical marijuana or recreationally looks towards growing regular genetics or at least stock up on some incase later on they are no longer available or allowed. With the many GMO issues with seeds happening it is only a matter of time before that sort of issue comes into our marijuana genetics as well.

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First Published LED Grow Light Test Part 3

Jan 22

First Published LED Grow Light Test Part 3

Getting The Veg Process Goin’

I had plenty of seedlings that made it and I allowed nature to takes it course and let these girls and boys get their “feet wet” with some water just to keep them moist. I try my best not to feed them any nutrients IF they do not need it as the soil mix I use has some food in it and I feel it is best to first use that up before supplementing with any bottled nutes.

With the water I feed my plants there is something I would like to note to everyone who wants to continue improving their own grow that it is always best to let your tap water sit for a day or two before feeding it to your plants.

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