Apollo 225w Super UFO

Growblu 144w Super UFO LED Grow Light
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-Ideal for 2×2 Flower or Veg space
-144w actual power consumption
-75x3w Bridgelux BXr aircraft aluminum chips

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Product Description


The 225W Super UFO provides proprietary full spectrum lighting while drawing a fraction of the power when compared to competitors and all while operating at 10 to 15 degrees cooler than other lighting of similar specifications. This high intensity Super UFO light is designed to do all the work of a 250W HID System without all the fuss.

From germination to harvest, the 225 W Super UFO produces exceptional coverage and maintains an average canopy temperature of 77 degrees. While the average lens temperature is 89 degrees, a revolutionary built-in heat dissipation system featuring a high output cooling fan, ¾ inch solid aluminum heatsink and aluminum angled PCB modules ensure continued optimal performance from this LED grow light throughout the plant growth cycle.

This 225W grow light draws an average of 140 watts of energy while producing exceptional lighting for your plants. The 225W Super UFO does 10 pounds but don’t be fooled, the weight doesn’t reduce the flexibility and versatility of this high output grow light. Featuring a 6 foot cord, a 110v wall plug and a pair of adjustable 1foot wire hangers, the 225W Super UFO is easy to mount and the 90 degree lens angle allows for optimal light projection for your plants needs.

For longevity, the 225W Super UFO grow light features Bridgelux 3w LED chips that ensure long term performance. This light is ideal for a coverage area of about 2 Sq. Ft. and works well for flowering and germination growth stages.

What’s in the Box?

225w Super UFO

6ft 110v wall plug

Pair of adjustable 1ft wire hangers

Recommended Coverage Area:

1.5ft X 1.5ft

Recommended Grow Height:

24-36″ Germinating

12-18″ Flowering

Additional Information

Weight 16 lbs
Total Wattage


Average Wattage Draw




Product Dimensions

15.5″ X 5.5″

Coverage Dimensions

1.5′ X 1.5′


Proprietary Growblu Veg Spectrum

LED Chip Manufacturer

Bridgelux, Epistar

LED Driver Manufacturer

In-house design and manufacturing by Growblu

Average Operation Temp (Fahrenheit)


Average LUX

13,000 -1FT, 5,000 – 2FT, 2,000 – 3FT

Average PAR

320 – 1FT, 105 – 2FT, 40 – 3FT

Choose Hanging System

1/8 Ratchet Hangers, Wire Hangers


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