LED Grow Lights by Growblu

Designed for professional indoor growers

EVO 360w Flower spectrum LED grow light

EVO 360 Full Spectrum

Designed after 3 years of research and dozens of grow tests, the revolutionary EVO 360 Full Spectrum works to enhance plant yields while the new square configuration adds to coverage and finally, the redesigned hanging system and internal structure adds to the ease-of-use and maintenance for growers.

Flowering 90%
Vegging 90%
Growblu 96x3w VEG LED grow light

96x3w VEG Spectrum

Covering a 3’x4′ space, the 96x3w Veg Spectrum is specifically designed to work in the early stages of plant development and cloning. Unique blue UV wavelengths are scientifically proven to increase root and leaf development and growth in the early stages of plant life by up to 50%.

Flowering 0%
Vegging 100%
Growblu 300x3w Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

300x3w Full Spectrum LED

Weighing in at over 55lbs, the Growblu Apollo 300x3w Full Spectrum LED leaves little to be desired with 900w total output and pulling just over 600w at the plug. The 300x3w is design to cover a 2’x5′ space with optimal coverage and exceptional results.

Flowering 80%
Vegging 80%
Apollo 240x3w LED full spectrum front view

240x3w Full Spectrum LED

Optimal energy output for exceptional plant growth and yield are the top priority of the Apollo 240x3w Full Spectrum LED grow light. This LED grow light is designed to perform the high intensity output of the 600w HID System and covering a 2’x4′ to 2’x5′ space, while only drawing 500w at the plug.

Flowering 80%
Vegging 80%
Growblu Apollo 180x3w Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

180x3w Full Spectrum LED

Ideal for a 2’x4′ space, from germination to flowering, the Growblu Apollo 180x3w Full Spectrum LED grow light features high intensity output that is ideal for a full range of plant growth and development. Featuring a unique proprietary spectrum that produces high yield for flowering plants.

Flowering 80%
Vegging 80%
Apollo 80x5w full spectrum front view

80x5w Full Spectrum LED

Operating at 400 watts with an average draw of 250 watts, the Apollo 80x5w Full Spectrum LED is optimal for a 2′ x 3′ area. This LED is is not only  versatile and but highly efficient. The new 160 degree bubble lens provides more coverage for plants from germination to harvest.

Flowering 80%
Vegging 80%
Growblu 144w Super UFO LED Grow Light

225w Super UFO

The 225w Super UFO is an innovative new style of grow light consisting of 75-3w bridgelux LEDS. This high intensity Super UFO light is designed to do cover a 1.5ft X 1.5ft area sufficiently.

Flowering 80%
Vegging 80%
Growblu 144w Super UFO LED Grow Light

144w Super UFO

The 144w Super UFO is a revolutionary LED Grow Light consisting of 48-3w bridgelux LEDS. It puts out an astounding 144 watts thanks to it’s high output drivers. The UFO only draws 94w and covers 1ft X 1ft area.

Flowering 80%
Vegging 80%

Product Features

Some of the many features our lights come standard with

Plug-in and Grow

All models are designed with a three step plug and grow setup. Simply hang the light, plug it in and turn it on. Our LEDs will both germinate and flower all of your plants

Easy Maintenance

Our LEDs are designed with you in mind. The lights are very user-friendly to assemble and disassemble for maintenance and require no glue, glass or wiring

Energy Efficient

On average, our lights consume 25-50% less energy than high pressure sodium and metal halide. You’ll save more money and lower your carbon footprint

Cool Temperatures

All of our lights operate at less than 100 degrees Fahrenheit and have a built in cooling system that includes aluminum heat sinks and high output fans

Quiet Operation

All growblu LEDs operate at less than 35db which means you won’t have to worry about soundproofing your grow space or noise interference

High Output

 Competitor LEDs only achieve 1.5w per 3w diode leaving you with only 50% efficiency. Our LEDs are driven at 2.1w, giving you 65% more POWER and PAR for your money

Growth Efficiency

Our LEDs target only specific wavelengths that plants absorb. This allows you to grow plants at 100% absorption efficiency which means you will yield a higher quality fruit


All growblu LEDs are 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly. We do not use glass, glue, or harmful chemicals in any components or production of our lights

110v or 220v

All models are designed to be compatible with a standard American 110v wall plug or International 220v/240v. If you live in a foreign country, we can supply the correct plug

Apollo Series LED Grow Lights

As a leading manufacturer of energy efficient LED Grow lights, Growblu offers the highest quality LEDs to customers at affordable, competitive prices. Our Apollo LEDs can withstand years of use without ever showing signs of wear and tear and our lights are available with an array of special product features that are ideal for grow operations both large and small.

Our LED grow lights feature a built in IDS system which alerts you to any mechanism failure or damage providing full control over the optimal growth of your plants. Growblu guarantees customer satisfaction, and ensures that each of our products meet the highest quality standards. From micro grow lights that are ideal for a large greenhouse setting to Apollo LED grow lights that are both durable and extremely versatile, Growblu is your source for energy efficient grow lights that maximize plant growth and flowering.


Apollo grow lights are extremely energy efficient; many operate at a fraction of the wattage when compared with other similar products on the market. Each Apollo light features two lenses that work together with a magnifying lens that multiplies that total power output without drawing more energy from the line. Apollo lighting products feature some of the most innovative technology available in premium lighting products—and Growblu provides Apollo lighting products at affordable prices.


We provide a wide variety of grow lighting options to ensure all your lighting needs are covered. When it comes to finding energy efficient led grow lights, you can turn our Apollo LED lights and Super UFO series for smaller spaces. We offer competitive pricing and everything necessary to create the optimal growing environment for your plants. Some of our most popular products include:

For additional information about the energy efficient lighting products offered by Growblu or to place an order, contact us today. With Growblu, customer satisfaction is backed by our protection plan that ensures every one of our customers is fully satisfied with their purchase.

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